Beer Tasting

Tasting Set of 6 La Sagra Beers at Rooftop La Milagrosa

Immerse yourself in the World of Craft Beer with La Sagra.
In the exceptional setting of our Rooftop La Milagrosa, we invite you to live a unique experience dedicated to beer lovers and those willing to discover the secrets of Alicante’s craft brewery. We present an exclusive tasting of La Sagra beers, where every sip will transport you through the flavours and aromas that make this sunny region unique.

Your Experience Includes

Tasting of 6 La Sagra Beers (10 cl. each) for each 2 people: At the time of serving Set Tasting of 6 Beers, our waiter will introduce you to each one individually, sharing with you the history and unique characteristics that define the flavour profile of each variety. You will explore the world of La Sagra craft beer, enjoying both an educational and sensory experience.

This experience is complemented by regional cheese tapas, a selection that celebrates the diversity of Spanish gastronomy and has been chosen to harmonise with La Sagra beers. Each cheese, with its unique texture and flavour, makes a perfect pairing that enhances your culinary experience.

Beers to Taste

  1. La Sagra: Our flagship beer, bringing together the essence of Alicante’s brewing tradition, light and refreshing.
  2. Double Malt: A full-bodied beer, enriched with a double portion of malt for those who prefer more intense and robust flavours.
  3. India: Inspired by classic IPAs, this beer stands out for its perfect balance between hop bitterness and citrus and floral touches.
  4. Flanders: A Belgian-style beer, known for its consistency and rich palette of flavours including fruity notes and a hint of spice.
  5. Criolla: A beer that pays homage to the flavours of Latin America, incorporating exotic ingredients for a vibrant and unique taste experience.
  6. Suxinsu: For the more adventurous, this beer offers an explosion of unexpected flavours, perfect for those seeking new and exciting experiences.

An Unforgettable View

While enjoying this carefully selected selection of beers, the panoramic view of Alicante Castle and the Mediterranean Sea will act as a backdrop, creating the perfect atmosphere for a memorable evening.

For All Tastes

This tasting is designed for both beer experts and those wishing to explore the world of craft beer for the first time. Our expert will be on hand to guide you through each tasting, sharing anecdotes and information about the brewing process and the story behind each beer.

Join Us

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the flavours of Alicante through its most representative beers. Book your experience at Rooftop La Milagrosa and get ready for a journey of flavour that promises to be as educational as delicious. We are waiting for you for a toast together under the Alicante sun!

  • Availability: Sunday to Thursday, reservation is required.
  • Service: Tasting set of 6 beers for every 2 people will be presented by our waiter during the service, tapas in the centre of the table.
  • Space: In case of unfavourable weather conditions, we have a covered area for you to enjoy the experience without interruption.
  • Minimum 2 people (number of guests must be an even number).
  • Limited availability
  • P.V.P: 16€